Exterior Design

Intended to impress with a subtle yet stylish design, key features have been infused to create harmony.

Linton Apartments are a functional and contemporary design solution to inner city living. The architectural form is a brilliant balance of proportional elements created in synergy to optimise how the building sits within the existing streetscape.

A wave pattern has been inlaid into a large decorative screen encasing the level of the building which also serves to separate the residential and commercial components of the structure. Overall a sleek composition has been created with all materials serving to conform and complement one another.


Designed to savour the inner city vibe, all apartments feature intelligently positioned balconies that promote a strong connection between the interior and exterior; essential open plan living. Finished in a neutral colour palette, Linton Apartments are calming to the eye; a stunning contrast to the vibrant inner city vibe The Gabba incites.

Interior Design

Great attention to detail has been displayed in the melodic affiliation between the architecture and interior design which is refined yet distinguished in presence.

The kitchen and bathroom design epitomises contemporary low maintenance living, offset by textural finishes and a neutral palette of materials.

Embraced by modern angles designed to enhance the sunlight in cooler months and tame the heat in warmer months, each apartment takes full advantage of its position. A collaborative fusion of neutral tones and space exhibit a spectacular backdrop to these residences designed to extenuate open plan living, spacious bedrooms, an en suite to main bedroom and well appointed bathroom.


Walking through the apartment a sense of light and vibrancy inundates the atmosphere. Neutral tones continue to fl ow through the apartment – from the flooring and furnishings through to the kitchen benchtop and sleek stainless steel appliances. Available in a variety of floor plans, Linton Apartments share a commonality of style and functionality yet the versatility of location and dimension.